Hello, I am Usama and I am the owner of Sewing Machine Tool.

I have accumulated a significant number of sewing machines over time, starting with just a few and gradually upgrading and acquiring more.

In addition, I possess a larger amount of sewing supplies compared to the typical sewing enthusiast. Collecting these accessories can be thrilling, but it comes at a high cost.

I commenced acquiring embroidery skills by utilizing the Janome embroidery machine available at our library.

Since I was uncertain about my interest in this activity, I refrained from purchasing my machine and opted to visit the library whenever I needed to monogram or embroider a project.

Subsequently, I procured a Brother SE625 sewing and embroidery machine for myself. Although its hoop was significantly smaller than the one at the library, it was my personal possession.

Now I Create This Blog to write about Best Sewing Machines. I truly hope my many hours of research are of help to you.

I am Highly Welcome If you write an article for us about sewing machines, Sewing Machines accessories, the use of sewing machines, and so on.

So, You can contact me at: info@sewingmachinetool.com

If there are any inquiries, kindly leave a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for accompanying me on this adventure and have a delightful time sewing!



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