Viking Sewing Machine Needles

Viking Sewing Machine Needles

Sewing needles are made in various sizes and configurations to match specific fabrics, threads, and sewing techniques. . Needles range in size from very fine 60/8 to heavy duty 120/20. The most common sewing machine needle recommended is the 90/14 for all purpose sewing. Needles become dull over time and require replacing to provide the best quality stitch. Using a fresh needle on a new project helps provide the best results.

Do you need a sewing machine needles for your Viking sewing machine? Well, INSPIRA is the appropriate needles for your Viking sewing machine. Here are kind of Viking sewing machine needles from INSPIRA, check it out!

Viking Sewing Machine Needles

Viking Sewing Machine Needles

Universal Needles

Universal Needles have a slight rounded point and come in a variety of sizes. They work best for general sewing and a variety of fabrics. When selecting a needle, the # of the needle indicates the size and helps you choose what is best for your fabric. The finer the thread you are working with, usually, the finer (smaller #) the needle should be.

INSPIRA® Stretch Needles

Stretch Needles have a special scarf to eliminate skipped stitches when there is flex in the fabric. This needle best for knits, swimwear, fleece, synthetic suede and leathers.

INSPIRA® Quilting Needles

Quilting needles have a special tapered point and light ballpoint to sew through layers and batting with ease.

INSPIRA® Embroidery Needles

Embroidery Needles have a special scarf, a slightly rounded point and slightly larger eye to avoid damage to thread and materials. Use with metallic and other specialty threads for embroidery and decorative sewing.

INSPIRA® Top Stitch Needles

A very large eye on this needle makes it the ideal choice for topstitching with heavier threads. Both the eye and grieve are larger, for techniques such as machines tatting or crazy quilt embellishments with silk buttonhole twist, 12 and 30 weight cotton and other decorative thread.

INSPIRA® Titanium Needles

Titanium coating improves needle wear and penetration of densely woven fabrics

INSPIRA® Denim Needles

Denim needles have a sharp point to penetrate tightly woven fabrics without deflecting the needle. Perfect for canvas, denim and microfibers

INSPIRA® Microtex Needles

Microtex or sharp needles have a very sharp point like Denim needles but are available in smaller sizes. Use for microfiber to topstitch light-weight, tightly woven fabric.

INSPIRA® Twin Needles

The Twin Needle or Double Needle has two separate needles mounted onto one shank. It used for decorative sewing, top stitching and twin needle tucks. The larger number the wider the space between the needles.

Viking Sewing Machine Needles

INSPIRA® Leather Needles

The wedge shaped point of the leather needles is specially designed to penetrate leather and artificial leather. The needle is not suitable for textiles.

INSPIRA® Wing Needles

The Wing needles have wide wings on the side of the needles to poke holes in the fabric when sewing entredeux and other hemstitches on natural fiber fabrics.

Those all kinds of Viking sewing machine needles.

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